The ksar of Aït Ben Haddou


The Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou, Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987, is an iconic adobe and raw brick pre-Saharan architecture example located in southern Morocco.

the amazigh way of living

The residents of Aït Ben Haddou have decided to take charge of the development and promotion of their cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. They have thus set up three local cooperatives to manage them.

To visit

The entrance to the ksar is free.

However, to fully enjoy your stay in Aït Ben Haddou, we recommend themed tours with guides certified by the Ighrem N'Iqendaren tourism cooperative.

You can also visit the Ounila Valley..

the ksar


Rites and legends

This circuit brings  answers the many questions that visitors to Ksar ask about beliefs, saints, myths …


History and architecture

Oral tradition says that the rock was inhabited long before the advent of Islam;  the elders continue …


Aït Ben Haddou is known for its adobe architecture.  Lit by a scorching sun 320 days a year, the ksar is a real film set …



Tawesna is an Amazigh solidarity tea room which aims to enhance and preserve the culinary traditions of the region …

Orality house

Located in the former home of the village chief, the Orality House promises a dive into the Amazigh oral heritage …

Game of thrones

Cinema house

Discover the secrets of the filming of many movies that took place here and roam unsuspected shooting locations.


The village of Aït Ben Haddou and the Ounila Valley offer a large number of touristic accommodation.

To enjoy an authentic stay, we recommend a night in one of our partners network rooms, in a hotel, inn or guesthouse, approved by the the local tourism cooperative.

For a homestay night, the Tajnila, our eco-responsible solidarity guest rooms network, offers you an ecological and socially responsible accommodation.

For more information and to book a room, do not hesitate to visit the Tajnila website.


The ksar of Aït Ben Haddou is located 30 km from Ouarzazate city.
To get there visit our access information page.

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    The project

    The Aït Ben Haddou – Ksar Museum project is the result of  a long participatory work during wich the inhabitants decided to create a set of activities to valorise their heritage.  Three cooperatives were  created in February 2020 to manage the new activities  : a tourism cooperative, an agricultural cooperative and a cinema cooperative.

    Together, they are implementing a new way of thinking and acting for the Aït Ben Haddou territory development, the priority intention is preserving and promoting  the  fantastic historical and living heritage  that the ksar and its inhabitants are holding.

    The Ait Ben Haddou – Ksar Museum project was initiated and is supported by We Speak Citizen NGO  

    Tourism cooperative
    Ighrem N'Iqendaren


    Founded  in 2020 with the mission to structure the touristic activities of the village and to provide a high quality product to travelers, towards a more responsible solidarity tourism.

    Cinéma cooperative

    Established in 2020 to organize the cinema activities at Aït Ben Haddou, Amaragh cooperative pursues one objective: to enhance the cinema and audiovisual sectors in order to enhance  the village’s perspectives.  We are creating a community of cinema and media workers to enrich the cultural and professional horizons in the heart of the most photogenic region of Morocco.

    Agricultural cooperative


    Historically, agriculture was the main activity in the village. However Aït Ben Haddou has recently turned to tourism, which has become its main economic  sector . 

    We believe that we cannot plan a progress without   solid anchoring in the living, the terroir and its know-how.  To find a natural balance and valorize our land’s products, we work hand in hand with other cooperatives to offer  you the best we have.

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